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How to connect coustum domain to blogger (guide to connect coustum domain to blogger)

How to connect coustum domain to blogger 

Hello friends,do you want to know , how the companies who offer free domain attach with custom domain?If you eager to know about this then stay connected with this article.I must try to make you understand in proper manner and I also give you  a practical on this blogger platform so that you can easily attach custom domain on any platform.So friends let's begin:-

Attach custom domain in Blogger Platform

Before I start it is necessary to all of you to know about free domain and custom domain.What are the benefits of this and It is also necessary to You if you are a Blogger.

What is free domain and what is it's benefits?
Free domain is a URL address which provide you a platform to create blog and a hosting to host your blog.There are so many companies who do the same but most popular and trusted is Google's Product Blogger.Blogger provide us a domain name which last with ( make a blog or website.

                                      The  benefits of free domain is that it is free and also help you to make blog in which You can share you experience with your audience ,but if you want to earn money with this , you can't .If you use Blogger platform to create blogs then you may earn some money bcoz Blogger is a google product so there is an option to monitize with google adsense.But it is very difficult to rank in search engine by using Free domain.And then no organic visitor on your website and hence no earning.

What is custom Domain and what are the benefits?

Custom Domain is a URL address which is decided by you and the extension on your website name e.g. (.Com,.Net,.Org,.Guru,.Club)etc.which is beneficial for your website..Com is the popular extension among all.When you apply this custom domain on your blog you see lots of profit lets see the benefits:-

Search engine ranking improves on your blog.

Authority of your blog increases.

You can easily customize your blog by the help of custom domain.

You change your look of your website to a professional.

Audience can easily search your website.

Organic traffic start increases on your website which helps in your earning.

How to attach free domain with custom domain on Blogger platform:-

To attach with custom domain you must have a custom domain which help u to redirect blogger extension and for this I suggest you Godaddy.But don't worry we can attach domain name provide by domain provider company in this following manner:


First of all login to your blogger account and click on the settings option then after clicking you see a URL address which is blog address ,when you  change it your blog address is change to custom.To change this click on the "third party URL setting".
After that fill up your domain name and press ok. Then after you  see a message show on your screen"We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.Error 9"but no need to panic add the CNAME given on your DNS record.

In step to first login to your domain provider account and click on Manage domain and the domain which you  want to attach after scroll down and click on Manage DNS.A dashboard will be open. To add CNAME click on add option and choose CNAME in type and fill up copied  host and point.Similarly do this with another CNAME and Save it.

When you  save CNAME successfully then you  do another work so that you  can attach your blog with custom domain.You should  add "A"record in DNS management,for this go to blogger again and click on setting instructions given below the CNAME.
When you  click on it a Community tab is open of blogger help.Then you see steps and directly  scroll down to step 3 where u see A records.Copy this individually and add to DNS management.Be aware that you copy A in type,@ in point and A record in host  and paste it and click on the save button.

So friends here your custom domain successfully attach with blogger platform.For any other queries or doubts plz comment below and will give u answer.If you like this plz share every where to help those who want to know how to attach free domain to custom domain .


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