how to create Freelancer profile, full details

 How to create Freelancer profile, full details 

Freelancer best online site to earn money, and how to create Freelancer profile, full details

Freelancer best online site to earn money, and how to create Freelancer profile, full details H

Hi friends everyone wants money, i am come with an another artical read it carefully
Freelance and how we can learn how to do it all in a good way, today we will learn about how to make a good freelance profile . First of all, you must have some skill to create a good freelance profile, Ex: - Data Entry, Web designing, marketing, graphic designing, content writing etc. A lot of you can work on the project which is related to what you like best. Apart from this, when you talk to a client, you should not have trouble in it but instead you should try to solve them by understanding their problems so that your review will also increase.

 How to create  freelancer profile: -

To create freelance profile, you will be able to login to's Dashboard, then click on your profile. After clicking on the profile, something like this will open in front of youAfter the profile's Dashboard is open, you will see the option of Edit profile on it. After clicking, something like this will open in front of you. After this, if you fill in any information you have, then let us learn how to fill it: -

Profile Pic upload: -

 Allowed formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Maximum size:

2. Experience: -

It is very important that if you show your experience to clients, you can add Experience to the Experience section of your profile, if you have previously freelancing on any platform, like most popular freelancing website Ex: - UPwork, Guru, content mart, etc. There are many Freelancing websites on which if you have done work you can add your Experience to your profile and show your Experience to people so that you get the chance of getting project, if you have If you have ever worked in it then definitely add your experience.
If you do not have experience of all these websites, then leave the Experience section.

3.Education= if you do not have the knowledge then you will not be able to do that work, especially freelancing work Because no one here will get any work that you can do without knowledge.

If you are in Bsc Part-2 then you can mention that I am a graduate. To do this, you have to demonstrate that I will finalize Bsc this year and At the same time, you have to show when college joins and when I will be finals from there. Apart from all these things, you can go to the edit summary and write about the things related to your education. Keep in mind that you have to write a good summary well, but you should have any kind of Gramatical mistake that reduces your imperessium.

Qualification: -

You had given your current year's description in the Education section but you have to tell about Highly certification here. This means that you should tell us something about the certification of the education you have received and this There is also a very important section that gives your profile a good and proffesional look.
Even if you want certificate , you will see a section of the certification on which you click, then you can get the certificate by giving your skill related exams which is very helpful in getting the project because who gives us the certificates himself returns If you want to give it then you can give it, but we will not advise you to take it initially because you will have to spend money so that you leave this section and when you think we have become good in this field then You can take the exam.

5. Verification: -

before you apply it, get yourself fully verified on In which you get points if you want to create a freelancer profile that is 100% verified, then connect all the platforms so that the customer can trust your freelancer profile, by doing so, the project gets increased: -
Facebook connected
Preferred freelancer (optional)
Payment verified (optional)
Phone verified
E-mail verified

6.Top skills: -

To make you a good freelancer, the most important thing is that we can find out our top skill according to which type of project we can complete. If you do not know which field we have the most skill, then you can never create a good freelancer profile, so first select your top skill only after you improve your skills.

Top skills for freelancer: -

Websites, IT & Software
Mobile Phones & Comp
Writing & content
Design, Media & Architecture
Data Entry 
Product Sourcing & Manufacturing
Sales & Marketing
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

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