Google search console, its benefits, full details


What is Google search console. How to use Google search console for websites or blogger. How to rank our website on top search and earn more money. So in this article, I will tell you all about how Google console generate money in it, without the time being done, I just start it now 

What is Google search console :-


Google has launched lot of things, one of which is Google search console. Google search console is also known as webmaster tool. This is an Internet tool that helps to fulfil traffic to the website and traffic increase as well as earning from GOOGLE ADSENSE increase. With the help of this you can known everything about your website. How much your blog's URL INDEXED on google and how many are still pending and if any type of errors occur, it will give instant notification 🔔 and instructions on how to fix it. 


A. Your website and blog will show in Google search engine so the traffic to the website will increase 

B. Your website or blog will be safe because any type of errors occur, then Google search console will informed you immediately. 
C. With the help of GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE your blog or artical or website will be shown the most in that country, which is already being searched for that blog
D. You can check your website or blog, status and statistic links. How many internal link and external link  existing on your website 

E.  You can check your analytics of your website like CTR (CLIK THROUGH RATE). CTR means how many people visited on your blog or website. You can also find, how many click will be done from which country.

F. If you want to remove URL that has been indexed but for some reason its has been deleted and its show 404 if anyone click on that link and oir site will be damaged so to recover this you will click on removel URL option on the indexed Google search console and their you will need to click on the removal URL and after few days it will automatically remove from Google search engine.

G.  You can highlight your URL   with the help of GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE so that you can get to know about the user what we will get in the link. You have many more benefits of webmaster tool.  You have to just learn, that how  webmaster tool work. Then you must use the Google webmaster tool and rank your site or blog on the top search of google first page.

H. If you have been written some articles and kept some beautiful information in the article  which is very important for user and if the user doesn't see it, then in this situation with them, some difficulty may arise, so you have just a quick need to use webmaster tool and you can easily highlight it for better results

                                 So, friends i know this article will help you and now you are a good knowledge about, what is Google search console, google search engine and webmaster tool and what its has to do. Now, you can rank your blog on Google search engine. Although Google Search console has many other advantages, but we have shared some important benefits from you that are more important for you and me.

If you have any problems about the Google search console for websites or blogger. Then you can ask your question below in the  comment and don't forget to like and share this article

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