How to create privacy policy page for blogger

How to create privacy policy page for blogger
How to create privacy policy page 

How to create privacy policy page.(want to know about privacy policy page). 

Create privacy policy page 

Hi friends, we are going to make you familiar with this issue. How to make the privacy policy page SEO in this article and i am going to describe you how to make  privacy policy page. Or  generate privacy policy page online. So read this article carefully up to end.

Now  privacy policy page  has become very mandatory because you have to collect the data from various sources or it can be said that from various users and Meanwhile the Privacy policy page reveals. How  you used that the data.

To create a privacy policy page, you should have mobile app, blogset, login, e-commerce storage... etc. As per this, your privacy policy will be done.

you can ask to generate Privacy policy page online but I would not pray for this to you because the Privacy policy page generated in this for different websites that would be a lot of similarity in them. Hence  they will not provide your websites,  pages and blogs, stores the professional  privacy policy. Privacy policy page  is a document which contains your personal data and eat it ensures that your personal data is 100% secure that it is  also useful for the company because it helps  them to generate the trust between company and the userthat's why you are also adviced to make your own privacy policy page.

Why privacy policy page is important. 

If your website is not entailed with ppp then the user will definitely not enter any kind of personal data on your website as he/she knows that the is not secured on your website because of the absence of privacy policy page.

                                In order to assure  the costumer, you must create a separate ppp for that user along with  all the information to make the personal data safe on your website. As sometimes viewer fills his/her e-mail id, mobile no., bank details, card details if you don't consider the ppp for him then it would not be helpful for you, you can succeed fewer times but its not a good thing moreover all the companies have generated the privacy policy page in this mordanised era.

Importance of private policy page.... 

Privacy policy page holds a great importance as it contains the data of customers as if any organisation or hacker assess that data then he/she could use that information to sell the wrong products or sometimes froud or false things or products to any other third party or company on the behalf of your personal data. That's why make sure the user trusts on you.

How to create private policy page... 

1.while creating privacy policy page , you should mention how you are going to use that information and where for the  user and how you would use that data to improve your services.

2.Even you should mention the type of data, for instance e-mail, mobile, name, address, cookies.. etc. needed for viewer.

3.You must inform your customers about how you use his/her data i.e. ip address, cookies,browser and many more to improve your services.

4.Third party implement. You ought to inform the ppp of the third party that can be the third website that you use to track the data for example, google analytic. Or that of the advertising company of which advertisements you are displaying.

5.Even you should create CHILDREN PRIVACY to describe what kind of protection you would provide to adolescents below the age of 18.
By following the above steps you can generate your own ppp if you don't get anything of it then it's not a big deal YOU CAN GENERATE IT ONLINE ALSO. For this by providing your company's name, URL and other required informations to PRIVATE POLICY  GENERATOR you can create a privacy policy page very easily.

 Then lets learn how generate it on generator :-

Firstly, go to any good browser for instance, CHROME and search PRIVACY POLICY PAGE GENERATOR after this click on the first result showed. I  will teach you to make privacy policy page on thus you can generate it for any website.

Let's get started....

Step 1. 

Open then click on "create a new privacy policy" button after this you gonna see the website  or mobile for which you want to create it. Then select it.


 Click on next option. You will see that you will be asked for which whether individual or business you want to create private policy page after selecting any of them, choose your country and state.


 Then fill what kind of data information you are seeking and how you want to track your teacher.


After this mention how will you contact to your customers and user, it can be by sending e-mail, phone no., sending post mails, visiting a page on our website,etc.


How you want to create your private policy page whether free if choosen then you would not need  to pay any money or if you are owning a company or any store then you have to pay to ensure an excellent private policy option is mostly preferred then click on next option..


 Fill your e-mail id where PRIVACY POLICY will be sent to you. Then download it from there and use it and enjoy.

I hope this article proved to be helpful to you friends. Now you are able to create your own privacy policy page, and know what is it and it is importance. If you face any difficulty while generating it, don't hesitate to ask me, i'm justone comment away. Thank you very much to read it to the end and don't forget to share to other needy people on social media platform..

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