Way to connect your custom domain with blogger

Want to connect coustom domain with blogger read this article carefully. 

Hello friends, Do you want to know how the free domain given by a company is attached to a custom domain? If your answer is yes, then you should thoroughly analyze this article and try to read carefully and  understand.
 How to attach a custom domain with the free domain. I will try to explain, how to attach coutum domain with blogger  and yes, I will show you practical by attach to the Blogger platform,
                  so that you can easily attach custom domain to any platform, so friends start to go:

      Attach custom domain in Blogger platform Before you do, it is important to know what is the free domain and custom domain? What are its benefits and it is also important to know if you are a blogger.

 What is Free Domain and What are its benefits?

Free Domain is a URL address that a website provides hosting for you to create a Blog on your platform and host your domain name and this company It may also be, but the most popular and trusted Google product is Blogger:-

To create a blog or website in a free website, at the end blogspot. Com we have a domain name. The benefits of free domain is that you do not have to spend money in any way and you can create your own blog or website in a free place on which you can write your Experience and share it with people but if you have money from it If you want to create, you will not be able to make your blog even though if you create your blog using the Blogger platform, then maybe you can make money because Blogger is Google's product, so there is a blog on Google adsense By the option to monitize but Free to use the domain search will be very difficult to get rank in the engine and when will not come to your blog or visitor organic website will not earning |

What is a Custom Domain and what are its benefits?

Custom Domain is a url address that you decide for yourself or your website, that we need to put the extension behind our url address (.com. net, .org, .guru, .club) etc. You can apply that which is right for your blog, the most popular of this is .com extension.

When you put custom domains in your blog, your blog can see a lot of benefits such as: -

 The blog or website's search engine ranking will improve. The authority of the blog or website will increase. Using the custom domain, or website will be able to customize more. Your blog or website will look like a professional. Address of your blog or website will be easily accessible. Your blog will have more and more organic traffic, You can earn more money from logs or websites.

How to attach free domain to a custom domain on the Blogger platform: -

 To attach to the custom domain, you must have a custom domain with which you can redirect the free blogger extension and here I took you from Godaddy You will be taught to attach to the domain but you do not have to worry that all domain provider company's domain names can attach like this: -

Step: -1

 First of all, if you are logged into your Blogger account then you can click on the Settings option When you click on it Nge will appear in front of url address that will address your blog when you will change, it will be your blog address custom | To change the blog address, click on "Third party url setting" below. After that you fill up your domain name wherever you click on it, then when you click on the button you will see "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain" Error 9 "will show up so you do not have to be bothered here. You have to add both the CNAMEs to your DNS record here.

Step: -

Godaddy in 2Step 2 or you are logged in to whatever domain provider you are After that you have to click Manage Domain and select the domain that you want to attach, then you scroll down and you have to click on Manage dns. After doing so, the dashboard will be opened for you to manage the Dns. To add CNAME, click on Add option, then select CNAME in type and fill out the host and point that was copied from your Blogger. Similarly, add another CNAME then save it.

Step: - 3

 When you save CNAME successfully, you have to do one thing and only then you will be able to attach your custom DOMAIN to Blogger. You have to add "A" record to your DNS management, to add this, you can go to Blogger again when you go there, you will see the option of setting instructions under CNAME, click on CNAME When you click on it, the Community tab of Blogger help will be opened.
 You can also add your custom domain by step by step from here but if you have already completed 2 steps, you can scroll down to the third step. You will see "A" records. you can copy one by one and go to DNS management and add in DNS. Paste it carefully. Keep in mind in

A  (type)

Point (@)

In the last option you see host in which you copied

A (record)

 And then save it. Its done. 

Now, friends your coustum domain attached successful with your blogger. 

If you have any problems about attaching domain with blogger then comments below. I will help you. 

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