Beginner guide to create a new blog.

Beginner guide to create a new blog

First, find or create a blog

Beginner guide to create a new blog Hii, This is the first step to creating a blog. If you do not have a specific place to create , so what do you do after creating a blog? So first clear your blog's place. Like its your mind to start A blog on Blogger or WordPress.

After this, do some research topics you choose on it like what is competition in this niche, search volume, CPC etc. If you do this then it is very beneficial for your blog and you can generate more revenue.

Keyword Research

After you complete the research of blog niche, then research some good Ranked keywords before creating a blog. Find some keywords that have less competition with higher ranking on Google , write articles on these keywords.

After creating a blog you will be able to easily publish these articles so that you can write at least 5 articles before creating a blog.first.

Choose the right platform

Choose the right blog platform after writing articles because if you choose platform which is not comfortable for you. Then you can not successful so choose right platform like blogger or WordPress. If you can spend money on hosting then go to WordPress because it is easy to use and you can easily do it on page SEO. There are also many plugins with the help of the Yogest plugin that will rank you Will help in your platform which you choose.

If you do not have the money to spend on it, then create your blog on which is Google's product and is totally free for everyone but I would recommend or preferred you buying a domain for your blog.

Choose TopLevel Domain

If you are going for long periods of blogging, always buy or choose high-level domains. When you buy a domain, try to buy a small domain name that has keywords and you can also use it for branding. Do not buy a long domain because it is not good for branding.or creating problems further.

Make important settings in your blog 

If you think  your blog is ready, submit your blog to the search console as well as in all important settings and submit your blog's sitemap its important and necessary to check your blog or article ranking. Customize the theme of your blog Create a page for your blog. Set up robot.txt for your blog.

Promote your blog

To get traffic on your blog, start promoting your blog on social media,like Facebook whatsapp, twitter, post a guest on another's blog, when you do this, your blog gets referral traffic from others' sites and people get your blog's. They will also know about you and your blog and they come to your blog.

Create Objects for Your Blog

Yes, this will definitely help you and your blog create an object for your blog, which you want from your blog to see, I also do that my aim for this my blog is like this. I want this month a lot of traffic on my blog, I will be successful this or this blog on  this month, so make a small goal that will help you to grow your blog faster.

Keep time for your blog (main Seo)

After giving time to write your blog daily, write your articles on a daily basis also make a particular time to publish your article . Create a link to your site, while writing an article on trending topics, write articles on topics that are helpful to your audience.


Finally, I'll just tell you that, it can not take time to earn money from your blog, give your blog minimum 6 months time . Always learn something new because when you write an article, SEO is always doing proper keyword research. I hope you like this article and it will be useful to you

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