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Blogger Basic setting to rank your article

setting to rank your article

setting to rank your article


Hi friends, if you are in doubt that,how to  rank your website,  how to rank your article, how to rank your blog. Then today i will tell you how can you  bring your blog on top page of google  or in any other search engines by doing just some basic settings. 
                    Read this article carefully so, that you can easy for doing advance setting level if you need further. 

If you have just started blog then this could be a very helpful for you. So, friends we have need to do some basic settings of blogger and then all the work is done by Google. If you are on blogger platform, the blog you have created, google provide hosting for that blog. 
Before doing settings we have to know that which  is the settings is mandatory as required to rank your blog or articles. Before starting anything first you have sure that you have done some preparation. So, like that where we start a blog,  we have to do this setting, so that our blog can reach to public more and more. So lets see what are these basic settings. 

Blog title

For any blog this setting is so important because here we decide the name of our blog and also its future. Because people get ideas from the title that blog is related to which topic.
      so always write the title of the blog clearly so that people easily got to know that your blog is helpful for them in which which feild.For example if your blog is on health then you should give blog name something that people can easily understand about your blog topic and information regarding health. for example you can give title like fitness world, health world etc...

Blog description

Blog description help to rank your blog because here you can give some description to your blog which tells that on which topic your blog is and what information your blog is providing to people. According to that your blog will rank.

         Here remember one thing that never write anything which is not related to your blog because this cause a lot of problems in your blog ranking. so always write Your blog description in such a manner that whenever anyone see your blog he can easily understand everything clearly.


Privacy is also very important for blogs because here we decide that either we are willing to share our blogs with the people or not.
        whenever you create a blog it will be off by default, if you wish to turn it on you can simply turn on according to your wish..

Publishing: -

You can now change the address of your blog by using the publish which will be the third party address. For this you can change the address of your blog by following....... the instruction given by the blogger, if you initially have a posted any article on your blog. If you create a blog on blogger there address will be blogspot. Com at the end of your address ( you want to add coustum domain, if you have not buy a domain yet , then you can buy the custom domain that belongs to the third party by purchasing it on godaddy or on other websites.

Blog address: -

For the most important and top of the search engine, you must have a custom domain or need a domain for your blog, such as: - .com, .net, .org, in ...... .etc. Only then will rank your blog easily and if you want to earn money from your blog, then this custom domain is very important for you, this makes your blog look proffessional like a website , as well as you can apply for adsense approval.

3. HTTPS: -

Your blog's security-related option is HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) If your blog address is in https, then you can always consider your blog safe, but if you do not use HTTPS, then your blog will not safe so you can never change it. Think that now your blog is completely safe so you must enable HTTPS and your blog will be 100% safe.

4. Permission: -

With this option of blogger you will be able to decide who will read my blog and who will be the admin and author of this blog.

Blog author: - 

With this option you can make any person or your friends or family member as a blog admin, author.

Blog reader: 

With the help of this option you will decide who can read the content or article you are written. Who can collect some information from it.

I hope you like this article

Blogger Basic setting to rank your article

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