Debit card and credit card (which is best 2019)

Debit Card and Credit Card? What is the difference between these two?debit card vs credit card. 
Debit card and credit card (which is best 2019

Debit Card and Credit Card?  Do you have any confusion so today, in this article your all doubt will be cleare.

At the time of demonetization  everyone has seen the problem of cash withdraw and major problem of not getting cash since the note captive in November.

Everyone have  need to get the required things and goods but old 1000rs cash was not used to buy them.

To avoid the problem of cash and to make india to become digital india.Government of India promoted digital payment with loud noise and people started adopting this new idea and cashless payment started growing everywhere and people make their payment cashless with the help of applications  like bhim, Tez and phone pe app.

Its benefits  has happened to many people because now the problem of taking cash in the pocket was overcome and  we can easily pay  through digital payment anywhere.

Digital payment is the most vital thing to do in your bank.

If a person haven't an bank account in any  bank, then he can not able to make a digital payment because the money use  in this payment comes or deduct from the bank account on which you can deposit  your saved money.

When we open our account, the bank gives us a plastic card or atm card like mastercard, visa card or rupay card. which we can use in any ATM machine to withdraw our cash. This ATM Card is also called Debit Card.

Through Debit card, we can do online transactions. Apart from this card, there is another card which we can use to make online payment and offline payment  and also swipe on shop. On the hand  like the exact Debit card, we call it Credit Card.

 We use these two cards to do the same thing- like digital payment, but the question has arrive , what is the difference between these two cards?

If both of them are used for the same purpose, why do we use both of them?

All you have to know about Debit Card and Credit Card and you will also be using it. Do you know what is the difference between all Debit and Credit Card? If you know, this is a very good thing and if you do not know then in today's article, we will know about what is the Debit and Credit Card and what is the difference between these two.

What is Debit Card?

When we open our account in the bank, we get the Debit Card from the bank, which remains linked to our account.

With the help of this card, we can withdraw money from ATM machine, make online transactions and shopping, transfer money to any of your friends and relatives.

 Also, when you go shopping in a mall or in shops, you can use our Debit Card  to pay the payment and for that you have to give your card PIN number there, then go and complete your transaction.

Whenever we use our Debit Card to buy anything or doind  bank transactions, the money is deducted from our account and the number given by the bank is also available at the same time as an SMS, how much money now present in bank  account. We can easily use Debit Card anywhere and anytime.

How many types of Debit Card are there?

Bank joins the Debit Card service provider companies to provide Debit Card facilities to their customers who provide Debit Card to the bank such as,

Visa Debit Card

MasterCard Debit Card

RuPay Debit Card

Maestro Debit Card

What is Credit Card?

Like Debit Card, Credit Card is not linked to any bank account, but this card is available to you from a financial institution or bank that provides loans to people i.e. lend money and in return.

They also take them from the time of payment. We can also use Credit Card to make online payment, shopping and fund transfer as we use Debit Card but we can not use Credit Card to withdraw money from ATM machine.

The reason for this is that we have a Credit Card without any bank account through which we spend money and that money provides us money in the form of a bank or a financial institution loan.

Limit for credit card

There is a limit on the amount of money used by the Credit Card i.e., the bank which provides you  a credit card has already sets the limit for the money you can use, as the limit of Rs. 100000 may be for 1 month. Some credit cards also have a limited amount of money like 15000, 20000 etc.

 The bank determines your business and income by looking at it in the same way that you have the ability to repay their debt.

You can spend money with the Credit Card within this limit.
 At the end of the month or when the bank gives you a date for retreating the money you used , on that date of every month, you have to pay all the money as you have spent using the credit card.

 If you do not pay your money at that moment, then you can also pay the amount of money you spend along with the penalty.

How many types of credit card are there?

Now a days Almost all banks offer credit cards to their customers . The bank which wants to provide credit card facility, joins the bank Credit Card service provider, for example,

Visa Credit Card

American Express Credit Card

British Airway Classic Credit Card

Carbon Credit Card

Difference between the Debit or rupay debit Card and the Credit Card?

Now you must have understood what is  Debit Card and  Credit Card information , and you may have learned a lot about all information like, what is the difference between these two. If not detected, then no matter what I am telling you, what are the differences between them.
  •  The first difference is that Debit Card is linked to your bank's checking or savings account and the Credit Card is not linked to any account.
  • Debit Card, you can spend as much money as you want, until your bank balance becomes zero and you can spend just enough money on the credit card as you get cash limit by bank.
  •  You must have marked one thing that everyone has Debit Card but everyone does not have a Credit Card. This is because the Debit Card is available to everyone by opening fertilizer in the bank, but for the credit card, it has to be applied separately to the bank. Bank approves the credit card after seeing your monthly salary or business and checking all the details.
  •  Debit Card, we can withdraw money from ATM machine whenever you want, but we can not use Credit Card to withdraw money because this card is used only for cashless payment.

After using payment on Credit Card, you get monthly bills every month.  There is no such thing in the Debit Card. Whenever you are paying through the Debit Card, money is deducted from your account.

This is all the information i will provide you.  what the Debit Card and Credit Card are, I hope you have understand what is the Debit and Credit Card and what are the differences between these two. Hope you like this article, you can ask any questions related to this article, then ask below to comment and ask.

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