Guide to rank your website on first page of google

Guide to rank your website on first page of google in 28 day :-If you want to learn about , how to rank your website , then i am going to describe you every thing about, how to rank your website. 

 I am sure after reading this article you will able to rank your website on Google. 
  • Guide to rank your website on first page of google
    Rank your website on first page of google in just 28 

Target the Long Tail Keywords 

You should use Long Tail keywords as it will help you in your ranking as most of the users search in long Tail form that's why you have to optimize your whole post before making any blog.

 For this firstly, go to keyword Research option and Check the Search Volume And Keyword Difficulty.

Analyze your Top 10 Competitor's content
It gonna be very helpful and fruitful also.

After comparing and checking the work of your competitors, you can easily optimize your blog posts in much better way as compared to them.

 For example if the word limit of your competitor's article is 500 then you should write about 615 words, moreover check out the templates they are using, load speed, multimedia and images they are taking in their account.

Learn Copy Writing

To ensure your ranking on Google you must know how write the article for Seo as without it you never be ranked instead of your efforts.

 It is not a big deal to write an article for Seo, you can easily learn it by taking help from youtube and internet.

There is lots of such stuff which can help you.

Quality and Valuable content

You should prefer the quality over quantity. You don't need to write many articles a day

it can be once in a week but it's should be of a good quality so take your time write only healthy and better contents as users always seek good information.

 It can affect the frequency of your audience on your blogs that's why write valued and lengthy useful data or article.


This is one of the most important factors which impacts your ranking in Google.

 Google is more smarter than you, you can't cheat it by copying others material and using other tools like

Black Hat SEO techniques and Article Spinners.

Always write your own material like pictures etc. and articles.

Visual Content (Multimedia)

It is one of the very effective method to attract and increase your audience frequency on your blogs.

Reading articles seems very boring to the users hence use images, informative videos and other visual materials.

This will help you in getting ranked on Google.

Cathy Title

This affects your ranking as your title must be appealing and suitable.

So customize your articles and make the articles for CTR for more clicks because if users don't click your title then how would you get your audience and no one will read your posted articles.

Related Description -

It is like a brief summary of your blog hence write Related or Meta descriptions of your whole posted article, it also includes your headings in your article.

 That's why it must be very eye catching and impressive so as to make the users to click on it and read it.

Learn Off Page Seo Techniques

There is lots of things in Off page Seo to learn about. You will be familiar with Link Building, Social media marketing, Directory Submission and many more.

So learn about this concept on internet and apply on your blog post.

If you want i will definitely write an article about it. Please comment below and suggest me some reforms that should be in my future posts. Thanks for reading.

We hope this article help you know about rank your website 

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