How to start a new blog

How to start new blog

  Top 10 Rules for successful blogging. 

Learn blogging -

 The very first step need to be considered before starting blogging is whether it is your passion, interest or you are attracted by a successful blogger so as to earn money.
 If you are following the foot prints of a successful blogger then it's much probable that you are not going to succeed in your attempts. Because it totally depends upon your interest otherwise it will make you bore.

 2.Concentrate on the Aim-

you have to choose the topic about which you are going to do blogging. Be loyal to your job.

Choose your aim as per your knowledge and specialty. Only then you can make your viewers learn something helpful.

3.Paid Some Money-

you have to pay some money for blogging.If you are thinking that you can be successful in blogging as  already has been in hosting and domain then forget about it.

You can use blog hosting in free but you must purchase your own domain and only one thing you have to do is just connect it to your blog hosting.
If you have handsome amount of money then you can purchase good blog templates and hosting, if not then at least purchase your domain and start your blogging. To be a successful blogger this is mandatory for you.

4.Daily attendance -

You should spend time on blogging. Always keep bringing variety in your posts and keep publishing one post each week.
Some people donot bring changes in their past posts which affect the ranking of their posts. But you must not do this mistake, you should make the old and new posts fresh in nature.
By doing this, your keywords would be ranked on google.

5. Understand The Audience -

Before writing a post in your blog keep it in mind that what kind and which age people are going to read it. If you write your blogs randomly on any topic then you are not going to get targeted traffic.
Always create your blogs on a specific topic which you can explain perfectly. If you do all genuine things and follow your passion then your success is certain.

6.Post Time-

 Don't post in your blog without any timetable. Make a timetable for your posts to be published and follow it strictly.IIt can be 1 post a day or in any way which suits to you. It strengths your side to be successful.

7.Publish quality material only-

 Some people think that high or low word limit of your post ensures their ranking on google. It's totally meaningless. It doesn't matter. Olnly Quality matters. Your material should be powerfull, attractive and liked by viewers.


seo's full form is Search Engine Optimization. For the betterment of your blogging(Seo) is must. It's totally waste without Seo. You should learn about  on page Seo and off page Seo. For detailed information you can use Youtube.


No one in this world can ignore the significance of the word honesty. Hence, don't prefer any kind of shortcuts. Otherwise It's price will be your time.

10. Practice - 

Always try to be perfect in your job. Never think,  google ranking is enough and you don't need to work more, always look forward to improve your limitations.

Moreover, always try new things as viewers always seek interesting and new material. Keep improving yourself.

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