How to grow on youtube 2019

How  to grow on youtube 2019

How to grow on youtube 2019
How to grow on youtube 2019

If you are in doubt about how to grow on youtube, how to your video rank on first page of youtube. If you want to get fame as well as money then read this article up to the end. Hi guys this article is only for those, who want to create a new channel on youtube and want to grow on youtube.want fame as well as money by doing part time work on youtube. Lets get start.

YouTube channel 

For grow on youtube you want a youtube channel so first create a new youtube channel by searching on Google. Youtube, you will get on to the youtube page. Click on the sign in option and just sign up by using your gmail account. After login to your youtube, just click on create a new channel, provided your channel name and fill up your basic information and the click on submit. Now you have your own youtube channel. 

Publish your own video. 
But first think about topic.

Make video around a single keyword /topic

Before you make a video, you will have to first know which category you would like to make your video in, or in which category you have the highest information, there is a lot of content on YouTube, as Entertainment becomes its tech channel.News Channel Comedy Channel etc. So whatever topic you have knowledge on, you can make videos on the topic like you make video how to rank on youtube. So you will have to create more videos on the same page as how the videos on YouTube show how many YouTube videos have to be made at the same time if you leave any of that topic and go to another topic. You will not see your beaver, your views will be reduced because they have brought it to your channel so that you can give tips on how you can grow on YouTube. This is a example.  Make your videos on the same topic which you have the most information, you have full knowledge reserves.

Engage with your audience 

This is also an important part for you to grow your YouTube channel. You have to create a good relationship with your audience so that they do not feel like you are out of their family or make such a relationship, so that you are talking face-to-face, make videos so attractive that they only see you. Do not watch other videos by leaving another video and leaving another video.that they see only your videos. Regarding adding regular videos, you will get the most benefit, like whatever the videos will be on your channel to automatically watch your videos automatically, even if you post a video or you do not even do it once on your channel. You will definitely visit if you keep adding video to your channel every day and every day.. 


Make your channel a friend. As a brand, you drive your channel. Make videos on your channel so that you can take advantage of your channel later if you move your channel as a brand from the beginning. If so, then you can use your website or merchandise for selling your own products.

Promotion (social media) 

The best thing about the social media is that you can do any of your own website videos or any of your ads comfortably, through social media you can now, from whom the video link can be shared in social media easily. But you also get traffic. You will also be able to subscribe to youtube channel, which will see your videos with good knowledge.


The best thing about YouTube is that if someone has subscribed to your channel, as soon as you upload your video as soon as your video is live, your subscriber will immediately receive a notification that you uploaded a video. So if he sees your video quickly, then this is the benefit if someone has already subscribed to the channel to you.You can say, by creating a small intro between your videos where you would say that you subscribe to our channel so that you get notifications of our upcoming video

Using paid method 

There are many more methods from which you can grow  your channel, one of which is the method that you give your money to grow your channel, where it is done, it is that you have to create an account in Ad Word and in that You have to promote your video after you have created an account of Ad Word and give it some information in it and for promoting your video they will charge you some money. 

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