Google adsense signup process

Google adsense signup process 

Google adsense, is now started for blogger, connect now
Get start your earnings with adsense its free 

Step to follow 

Get on to your blogger site and click on earnings 
You see a page like this
 Clik on sign up 
Next page 

Provide your gmail account 

And you se  your account is open and your blogger name will be automatically filled and you just need to accept

And it will show like this
It last
Now it will redirect you to earning page and you will see your adsense account will be add but to verify  this you will get a email from google within one weak or more and on that email you will get a link to start earning but if your account will not accept for adsense then you will get message in that email

Most important things is that this process is applicable only if you have created google adsense account already 

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