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How to connect website or blog to GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE(tips to connect your website to google search console)

Best way to connect website or Blog to Google search console

What is Google search console and how to submit your website in it, so that our blog or website can be indexed in google search engine?
If you do not know what Google search console is, then you can read our previous article where i described every thing about Google search console .What is search console and its benefits?Otherwise, we give you a little overview about this basically Google search console is  Google products, which helps us to index our blog or website to google search engine.Example if you want visitors on your site it will provide great visitors on your site and you don't need to share your article url on social sites like Facebook etc
How to submit your blog or website to Google Search Console?

Google search console website or Blog submission, way to submit :-

Step: - 1

First of all,  open any browser its your choice but i prefer you to choose crome browser to submit your website or blog, then you can click in the search box and write webmaster tool and then search for it, then you will get the first Result webmaster tool just click on it And you will be officially on the website or you will be taken to officially on Google search console.

Google search console dashboard

Step: - 2

After that you have to know about Webmaster tool in a good way so that you do not have to face any kind of problems later, after clicking on the sign button you see above or clicking on the Search console button: -

When you click on the button, select Google from any Gmail account you want to sign in, after that you have to confirm its password, then you can click on the continue button and you can click on the webmaster tool or google search console. Will be done.

Step: -3

After successfully signing in, you will have some such dashboard open, so you just have to take a simple process. You have to enter whatever web address you want there, then click on Add a new property and then you have the website To confirmation, you will have to complete some Verification process only then you will be able to verify your website in Google Search console.

Add property in google search console

* To complete the Verification process, you will find many options there: -

From Domain Name provider by DNS add method (recommended method)

. HTML file upload

. tag

. Google Analytic

. Google Tag Manager

But today we will tell you the easiest way in which you can connect your website with webmaster tool without any complications . You just have to complete one step process and your site will be verified in google search console so let's know what method it is: -

Step: - 4

The easiest way to verify the website in the Google search console or webmaster tool is the HTML tag because only Google gives you a Html code that you have to put in your website under <head> and save, after that you have to go to  google again and  Go to the search console option and click on the verify option. Then crawl that HTML tag into your website via google crawler.

Google search console HTML tag verification HTML tag paste in the theme head

If you have correctly placed that HTML code in your website, you will have a message of congrulations. After that you have to click the continue button below and after that your website has been successfully verified. Now you can easily monitaring your site.

But in this you have to submit some more information. Such as sitemap, url, which you want to show in Google search engine, we will tell you in the next article. 


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