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How to apply for Google adsense account, tips to apply before submitting application for Google adsense

How to get Google adsense account approval for blog and website:-

Hello my lovely friends ,Today I am going to share Adsense approval tricks with you, which will get your Adsense account 100% approval. For this, it is very important to take care of some things. As before applying adsense, designing your blog or website well, keep content content orignal because you will have heard (content is king) if your content is copyright in any way, then do not expect that you will ever get adsense approval But if you keep your content orignal, you will definitely get adsense approval. What are the benefits of getting Adsense approval on the blog or website?
Adsense is Google's product that provides advertisements to people because it is Google's product, so people rely more on Google adsense network as well as adsense also gives us good revenue. Its CPC (cost per click) and Page RPM are also very good. To get Adsense approval, there are a few things to keep in mind, so that you can easily get adsense approval, let us know what we should keep in mind and know how to get adsense approval: 

Write Original content in blogpost: -

If you write original content in your blog then you have more chances that you will get Adsense approval because you have heard it (content is the king). This means that your post is 100% orignal that you have created, Orignal and high You can take advantage of many articles and videos to write quality content but spin the same copy paste and not the article. By doing so google adsense will reject your blog.

By new website  Name to get adsense approval: -
If you have selected a single domain which is a very large website that has millions of millions of traffic like Google, Facebook, pinterest, twitter etc You will never get approval for adsense. Always keep your blog address unique so that Google can understand that you are a genuine person or brand. To bring traffic to your blog or website, target a keyword related to the type of content you want to write and buy a seo-friendly domain so that the blog can rank rank in search engine soon.

Attach top level Domain: -

Many people tell us that Adsense will be approved on free domain and I would like to tell them, your blog will never be allowed to adense on free domain, custom domain (.com, .net, .org ... .etc) for this. It is very important that Google understands that you are a proffessional blogger.
To approve Adsense on your blog, it is very important for you to have some pages because of this, from Adsense, what is the quality of your blog or website?

About us: - 

You have to tell people about yourself about it. Like who do you want to run your site ? Where do you live, why you started this blog and what topic you will tell people in your blog, you have to mention it well. Here you must enter a picture so that people can trust you, be sure that the chances of getting your Adsense approval are slightly increased.

Contact us: - 

In this you have to fill up contact detail. This also makes your blog trustworthy because here if someone wants to contact you, he can easily contact you by knowing your contact. Such as e-mail id, social media profile, living places, mobile no if you want to give, etc. You can also provide contact form to the visitors at the end.

Privacy policy: - 

You must mention the privacy policy of your blog or website, such as what you do with the data of the user of your blog and what data you take from your user and how you use  data. It is to be mentioned in the privacy policy page. If you do not want to mention all this, you can also generate it.
How do Design & Customize Blog for Adsense approval?

Before making a blog / website design and customization, we have to choose a good theme. If you have created your blog on the Blogger platform, then attach the best custom template and if you are using a WordPress platform, then select a good simple & fast loading theme. Then attach that theme to your blog or website.

How to customize a blog or website?

Now after the theme is attached with the blog or the website, it will turn out to be customized, let me tell you that add  at least 5  to 7 page like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc, and all pages should be prepared in your blog , then you You can easily customize the blog.

Header design: -

First of all, you have to customize the header. You have your own Blog / website's Logo with  attractive design and keep a Banner in the Header which is a good design. After that comes the Navigation menu, you must add at least 3-4 categories, then you must type the minimum category by 3-5 post. All post must contain600-1000, word. Keep the navigation menu clean and attractive and also add follow button and important pages too.

Footer design: -

At the end of your blog, it is very important to keep the footer attractive because the proverb is in the end (if all is well) then in the footer you can add the following things like Orignal profile and small intro, social follow button, Blog subscription, popular post, category ... .etc. Keep in mind that whenever your blog's footer sees a visitor, it will be attracted and start subscribing and following your blog and finally to mention the copyright text of your blog.

Mobile-friendly Design: -

Whenever you select a theme or template, you should always check whether it is mobile friendly or not because Google rank the same blog or website which is mobile friendly and appends Adsense on its base.

Sufficient content & Flash content: -

If you have enough content (500 words) on your blog, then at least 30 posts for your blog, and if your blog post is 1000 word then 15-20 post
Adsense will only approve, but it is very important to have your content high quality. If you copy or spin (not recomended) from anywhere, customize it well then only on your blog.

Flash content means not to use more video / images in your blog or website, adsense approval will never be available. Use at least images in Blogpost because Google's crawler can read text only in blog post, so use images as well, do not forget to give ALT text there, because with the help of ALT Text Google images can crawl Is there.

Where to Traffic from Blog or Website?

This is very important because Google wants to see how much traffic you have on your blog before you get adsense approval, you can do SEO to bring traffic . The most beneficial in this, I will be very helpful in increasing community traffic and traffic. Here, people have to help and mention the blog post link to convert traffic and this is the best method.

Do not use paid traffic: -

If you have started a new blog or website, you initially get the problem of traffic but here you do not have to take paid traffic (robots), it can also threaten your blog. If your blog is also approved, Adsense will also be disabled.

 Regular post Update: -

If you put regular posts in your blog, then you have more chances to get Adsense approval because Google understands that you are a genuine person and doing so affects the Google search engine too.

So friends, if you do so much then your blog or website will get 100% Adsense approval. 

 I hope your are now ready to get adsense aprovel. If you have a problem anywhere, you can write down in comment.


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