How to submit website in GOOGLE, BING AND YANDEX webmaster tool

How to submit website in GOOGLE, BING AND YANDEX webmaster tool.

Submit website in GOOGLE 

Submit website in Yandex webmaster 
Submit website in bing
How to submit website in GOOGLE search console 
How to submit website in GOOGLE, BING AND YANDEX webmaster tool
How to submit website in GOOGLE , BING AND YANDEX webmaster tool 

How to submit a website in GOOGLE, BING AND YANDEX webmhaster tool :-

Hello friends, as you learned in the previous article how to generate a free sitemap, and today we have created a sitemap in this Artical in different webmaster tools such as Google search console, Bing webmaster tool and Yandex webmaster tool sitemap submit So that whatever changes or updates on our Blog are instantly indexed in the search engine, let us learn how to submit sitemap in different webmaster tools: -

First of all, if you do not know, then we want to give you an information, so that you are not confused with sitemap submit because there are so many people who get confused that where we bring the URL to submit sitemap, because When you go to any webmaster tool, you have to place a sitemap URL there, so friends do not have to worry about you.

When you generate a sitemap, the whole information is stored and yes, the URL of all the Website  is similar to that, just put sitemap.xml in front of it like my website is then my sitemap URL will be www.mytipsrun. blogspot. Com/sitemap. XmlSimilarly your website will have a URL and when submitting it to the webmaster tool, the search engine's crawler will crawl your sitemap and verify it.


To submit sitemap to Google webmaster tool, your website must be verified in Google webmaster tool Google webmaster tool, if your website is already verified, then you simply login to your Google webmaster tool's Dashboard and if not, then we have a previous article It was told in the Google webmaster tool how you can go and read the website or blog.

After logging in to the Google webmaster tool's dashboard, click on the Crawl option, then there you will see some options on which one of the sitemap will be just click on it, then sitemap submit dashboard will open. After the Dashboard is open you have to click on Add / Test sitemap and there you only need to type sitemap.xml because the URL of your website is provided before that.

Then click on Submit button. Now your sitemap has been successfully uploaded to Google webmaster tool, after a few days when your website will be crawled and if you have created a sitemap in the right then Completely will be verified. Thus you have successfully updated your website or Blog in your Google Webmaster tool. can submit

How to submit a Sitemap in the Bing Webmaster Tool: -

To submit a Sitemap in the Bing Webmaster Tool, your blog or website must already be verified in the Bing webmaster tool only if you can submit a sitemap in the Bing webmaster tool if your blog or website is verified in the Bing webmaster tool to submit a sitemap Login to the Bing webmaster tool's dashboard, after that you will see the option of sitemap on it, just click on it.

After clicking, you will open the dashboard of sitemap submission, on there you enter the URL of your sitemap as you entered in the Google webmaster tool. Ex: - After putting sitemap Xml , click on submit button, your success will be uploaded to sitemap, but you will be showing status bar on it because the Bing search engine's crawler When you crawl, you will see success. In this way you can successfully submit your website or blog to Bing webmaster tool.

How to submit a sitemap in the webmaster tool: -

To submit a sitemap for your blog or website in the Yandex webmaster tool, first you must verify your blog or website by visiting the Yandex Webmaster tool and then you login to the Dashboard.

Once you have logged in, click on the Indexing option and after that you will see the sitemap option simply you have to click there. You will now open the dashboard to submit a Sitemap in front of you. You have to paste the sitemap URL to submit your Sitemap there, then after clicking on the Add button, your sitemap submit pending.  I will go and when the crawler of Yandex webmaster tool crawls your website, then there will be status success.
 In this way you can submit a sitemap of your website or blog in the Yandex Webmaster tool.

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