Seo 2020, 6 tips to your website on first page.

Seo 2019, 6 tips to rank your website on first page.
Seo 2019, 6 tips to rank your website on first page. 

Seo 2019, 6 tips to rank your website on first page  page

This blog is going to make you familiar with 7 tricks to rank up your website and Blogs on Google in the year of 2019. If you are interested to know about how to rank your website then follow and apply all the step to rank your website and blog it's because the SEO is getting changed each year it has been predicted on our website that what would  be that changes in the ranking procedure in 2019.

Optimise the mobile. 

in the present Era most of the Surfers prefer the mobile to do surfing and searching website should be favourable for your mobile phone if your website is faster to be preferred than Google will make your website in the in the search rank Google want a better result for user to make your website mobile friendly.

Use mobile optimisation and responsive template 

Use AMP on your website 

Use mobile friendly widgety 

Your website should be open is instantly which would help you together more viewers and that's the thing that Google demands your material should be helpful to the user and fulfill the persons requirements fastly 

use Google page speed checker to check your page speed use compress image and data use speed optimise theme


If you are a brand as you are running your website then Google will send the healthy signals to users to ensure the high ranking or maybe the first in the ranking you must be a brand and spread your brand name to others viewers and friends it can be also done by using the social sites to make your website's more familiar to the multitudes of the people consequently the brand is a positive vibe for the SEO user.

Step. 1 create a professional logo
Step. 2 use your own website domain name
Step. 3 provide high quality service to the info seekers

voice search

As in this present Era everyone wants to save his or her time as much as possible which accounts for the demand of the voice search friendly material optimise your website and content for voice search as it's going to be very demanding and  preferable in the future by the citizens


It is the most vital element or factor which you use to care about Google.  what's the secured website because of the hackers malwares spams so  use the https in your website to make it secure in the upcoming time. So you can be able to run your website without any problems. Because if your website hacked by someone then you can be able to access your website or blog. Then you have only on things this is that you want to create new website and work again on that website and also give precious time to rank your article and websites on Google.

People interaction 

If your post is people friendly and life according to the rankbrain update if I use I spend more time on your website then it will increase your dual time and bounce rate to as optimise your blog posts for Google updates as per the Googleif you are blog post are not optimised for people you never be rank up.

.write article for humans not for a machine used.

.white hat SEO techniques.

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 6 tips to rank your website on first page

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